start out on foot.
the snow’s too thick to drive.
leaving footprints on the walk,
I watch the pigeons as they dive
from wires hanging overhead,
suspended from a sky of lead.

I pass the brave ones bearing sleds.
stinging pink and snow-kissed cheeks.
cover up the mouth and nose,
we’re all becoming Eskimos.

down, down the hill through whipping wind.
giggle whirlwind going down.
then…heavy silent sky above;
muffled sounds on powdered ground.
frosty fingers, frosty toes.
we’re all becoming Eskimos.

originally written on Feb 9, 2013


Befriend the Night

Give me brightness by day and dark placid nights,
With dimly lit lamp shedding just enough light
To let me sleep in the deep drowsy black;
With enough of a glow to find my way back.

Give me the leaden blankets of sleep.
Drown out the howl of seething dark deep.
Keep me safe from the dire-wolf’s bite.
Let me befriend this fierce night.