Hey There

Candles candles everywhere,
And not a one to light.
Not the smallest halo
To chase away the night.
Do not fear. Do not fret.
Under the covers. Into bed.
Do not fret. Have no fear.
I’ll sit with you and smooth your hair.
Don’t despair though things seem bleak.
I’ll be with you, when you can’t speak.
Even though the night is dark,
We might just find a spark.


He Wept

We weep as He once wept.
We keep as He once kept
The secrets of His heart so close,
E’en from those He loved the most.

We fear as He once feared.
We dare as He once dared
To question God’s supremacy
In asking Him to climb that tree.

But He went where we can’t go;
Rose from a place so low.
He took upon Himself it all
To free us from that dreadful Fall.

And even though He faltered brief
He went to grant us some relief
From fear and pain and vicious sin
And one day bring us home to Him.

I do not have the words today to quantify my love

I do not have the words today
To quantify my love.
Your innocence and charming smiles
Are echoes from above.
Stay innocent my little ones
Still run free and wild.
Kick off your sandals and wade the brook
Of youth’s gratuitous smiles.
May many angels guard you now
And ward off evil ones
Who would seek to steal your youth
With knowledge that would stun
Your curious minds and lovely hearts
Before your time has come.
Do not be impatient to grow up.
There’s grief which won’t abate.
Stay innocent my lovely ones.
This grown up world can wait.

originally written on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 2:56pm