A twinge of guilt I hear.
That cricket chirping in my ear.
A conscience cut down to the bone
Of things I’ve said or thought or done.

I’ll try to push it down.
That nagging voice I’ll drown
Out of my head with other things.
But back to life it always springs.

Until I go to one who can
Forgive me once and then again.
He’ll cleanse my bloodied conscience free.
Redemption offered; grace received.



You took upon yourself that day
To change my life in every way.
Did you know what you had done?
Did you care that you had spun
A brand new fabric of my life
That would be sewn of daily strife?
That it would take me years to see
Burdens with which you gifted me?
I know not who I should address
And ask for justice and redress.
Lost things that cannot be replaced.
And as I look upon her face
Changed by anger, grief, and tears,
I am no longer bound by fears.
Weariness is all I see.
I long for days when I’ll be free
To look upon that little child;
Never was she meek and mild.
That I can mother, sister, friend,
Be these for her, around the bend.
That I will take care of her now
Even though I am her still.
I’m casting off that cloak you wove
Weighed down with guilt that almost drove
Me to the edge. I cast it off.
You are nothing more to me.
I owe you thanks for what you’ve done.
You have lost. And I have won.

Victim – I don’t have to be.
You’ve made a warrior out of me.

originally written on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 3:47am