Rain come down.
Rain fall down and wash away
The heat and burdens of the day.
Cleanse the sweaty streets and flood
The grass and gardens with their buds.

Rain fall down.
Rain come down and melt away
The crankies and the weariness.
Soak the pavement and the lawn
And cool the moody, stifling throng.

Rain pour down.
Rain crash down from heavy clouds
And crack with thunder oh so loud.
Let lightening be your messenger
And cause the trees to sway and blur.

Rain pass on.
Then once your job is good and done,
Be on your way, from where you’ve come.
And wait until another night
To make the morning new and bright.

originally written on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 2:14pm


Lonely Ones

Lonely ones…don’t fret.
There are lovely things ahead.
The sun that is in hiding now
Will come again after the snow
And all the dreamy heavy rains,
That cause us weeping in our pains.
Give yourself a good night’s sleep
And rouse yourself from dreaming deep.
Rise up to meet emerging dawn,
No matter what may come.
Lonely ones, please don’t cry.
You’ve daydreams in the sky.

dedicated to D for making sure I am never lonely, even when I want to hide