start out on foot.
the snow’s too thick to drive.
leaving footprints on the walk,
I watch the pigeons as they dive
from wires hanging overhead,
suspended from a sky of lead.

I pass the brave ones bearing sleds.
stinging pink and snow-kissed cheeks.
cover up the mouth and nose,
we’re all becoming Eskimos.

down, down the hill through whipping wind.
giggle whirlwind going down.
then…heavy silent sky above;
muffled sounds on powdered ground.
frosty fingers, frosty toes.
we’re all becoming Eskimos.

originally written on Feb 9, 2013


Midnight Song

Midnight song,
Held long in secret,
Stutters from the fingertips
And stumbles from the stony lips,
Of those who have forgotten speech.
Green truths buried very deep,
Hidden in the darkest dark,
In the deepest deep blue sea.

Future Construction

“Depression is the inability to construct a future.”
– Rollo May


image credit

My brain feels slightly blurry today. I don’t feel capable of serious or heavy thoughts, so I’m keeping things simple. The above quote from existentialist psychologist Rollo May has been stuck in my head for a few days. I want to live in this house. So here’s to constructing a future where that, and anything else, is possible.


Rain come down.
Rain fall down and wash away
The heat and burdens of the day.
Cleanse the sweaty streets and flood
The grass and gardens with their buds.

Rain fall down.
Rain come down and melt away
The crankies and the weariness.
Soak the pavement and the lawn
And cool the moody, stifling throng.

Rain pour down.
Rain crash down from heavy clouds
And crack with thunder oh so loud.
Let lightening be your messenger
And cause the trees to sway and blur.

Rain pass on.
Then once your job is good and done,
Be on your way, from where you’ve come.
And wait until another night
To make the morning new and bright.

originally written on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 2:14pm

Busy – by Marya Mendelsohn

The wind blew freshness into my face
But it tangled my hair,
So I closed the window.

 The sunlight filled the room with gold
But it hurt my eyes,
So I closed the shade.

 The flowers turned my backyard into a rainbow
But they made me sneeze,
So I didn’t water them.

 The birds sang me love songs
But they distracted me from work,
So I shooed them away.

 Heaven came and knocked on my door
But I was busy
And didn’t answer.

many thanks to my dear friend Marya for allowing me to share her poem!

The Lost Butterfly

(alternate title  “I’m in a bad mood so, Eff You Butterfly”)

With painted wings of colors bold, dyed in purple, blue and gold.
Transparent petals, light as air
I hardly noticed you were there.

You came to rest upon my hand that morning as I sat to read.
Vexed, I shooed you on your way!
And wanted you back the very same day.

Impulsiveness caused you to fly. I could not find you, though I tried.
And you were lost among the leaves,
And left me on my own to grieve.

originally written on Friday, August 5, 2011 at 2:32am

The Flight of Laughter

swing and sway underneath
a perfect cloudless sky,
colored in the crayon hue
of deepest violent beat-up blue.
breezes gently sighing.
the robins singing shyly.
whispers heard from lilies.
the butterflies are silly,
as giggles flutter past her.
they fly so much faster,
far beyond her hammock.
she gets up to chase after
the flight of summer laughter.

hammockimage credit


I contemplate upon my bed as
Lightening breaks the sky above;
Heralds thunder on her way.
Leaves show bellies as they sway.

Open the door to all the smells
Of her breezes from the north.
She’s free from cares and from the
Gloom, All burdens of uncertainty.

She booms and cracks, obeys commands
That come directed from His hands.
While I sit and ponder still,
I envy her freedom and her will

To follow the road she’s set upon.
She whispers to me “Let’s go, come on!”
I stand out in the yard with her
And hear her power crashing down.

She speaks again, this time a roar,
“Do not fear the rabbit hole!
Or of creatures made in dreams,
Fear not when life frays at the seams
Or following paths you cannot see!
To trust in Him is to be free!”

And I am washed anew in this:
Her power and her faithfulness.
All gifts to her from Him who sees
The whole wide forest and still each tree.

originally written on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 11:37pm

Take Me Down

Take me down, take me down, take me down to the water’s edge.
Hold my hand and coax me in.
Talk me down from off the ledge.

Lead me into the cool still water,
Darkness around and moon above.
Listen with me to leaves who whisper,
Telling secrets on how to love.
Hold my hand as we tread dark water,
Being cleansed of our daily pains.
Tell me all of your secret plans
And remind me of all
That’s yet to be gained.
Swim with me to the other shore,
To lie on a blanket under the stars.
Run with me in fields of twilight.
Catch me a fairy to keep in a jar.
Rest with me here in the moonlight.
Pack away the fears of today.
Put off for now the care of tomorrow,
Just for one night, content to play.

Take me down, take me down, take me down to the water’s edge.
Hold my hand and coax me in.
Talk me down from off the ledge.

originally written on Friday, July 22, 2011 at 5:04pm


The roof groans under many rains.
This earth spins on with many pains.
The leaves are falling from their boughs.
My heart groans too. I’ve been laid low.
I lack the words to say much more;
On this blue day I’m feeling poor.
Why is this world so very broken?
With a word You could have spoken
Peace, and restoration now.
So I will hold You to Your vow,
That one day hence we’ll see repair
Of things that still lay broken here.

originally written on 9/7/11