Hide Away

I’d like to wear a different face today
Since you won’t take the hint
And stay away,
But hound me with persistent cares:
“Do this!”
“Do that!”
“Go here…
No, there!”
You barely give me leave to breath,
And grant me no reprieve;
Your voice always inside my head,
Even when I’m in my bed,
Under covers pulled up tight,
Against the whining, biting night.
So for today I’m someone else,
Normal me left on the shelf.
The mask I wear is just for you.
You won’t see me.
But I’ll see you.



Hazel Eyes

I’d really like to know
where it is you go
when trapped in thought
behind those hazel eyes.
Anger first. And now surprise.
Sometimes joy. And then there’s fear.
Who’s voices do you hear?
Smilelight and firelight flicker o’er your face,
Soon replaced by stormy clouds of rage.
Iris green and ringed with blue,
Speckled with an amber hue,
Lost in thought behind those hazel eyes.