War Paint

Where should I go?
What should I do?
The door is wide open.
I fear walking through.
I’ll sit in the shadows
With lights turned down low;
The door is wide open.
I’m too scared to go.
There are sparkling places
That I need to see,
Wandering rivers who sing,
Tallest oaks with stories to tell.
I shouldn’t be scared of a thing.
I’ll put on my war-paint
With trembling hands.
I’ll strap on the backpack of faith.
I’ll light up my torch
With courage and hope.
I’ve gotta get out of this place.


My husband is not my soul mate.

As a single gal, I can honestly say I LOVE this post:

The Art in Life

It might seem odd that on this, our one-year anniversary, I am beginning a post with the declaration that my husband is not my soul mate. But he isn’t.WegmannWedding161

I wouldn’t want to imagine life without James. I enjoy being with him more than anyone else in this world. I love him more than I ever thought you could love someone, and I miss him whenever I am not with him. I wouldn’t want to married to anyone else other than James, which is good, because I plan on being married to him forever, and he has to let me die first.

But I reject the entire premise of soul mates.

WegmannWedding294Do you remember those awesome Evangelical 90’s/ early 2000’s where Jesus was kind of like our boyfriend and we all kissed dating good-bye because we just knew that God was going to bring us THE ONE and then life…

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The Emmaus House

Why I’m loving the Dimwit Diary:

The Dimwit Diary

Man, you dimwits.  I don’t know what’s happening.  I can’t sleep.  It’s 1:47 AM.  It’s raining.  Heavy thunderstorms and crashing lightening.  I have the windows opened.  There’s a nice breeze and it’s rather peaceful.  I like thunderstorms.  There’s probably some sort of metaphor in there to sum up my life.  Heavy thunderstorms and crashing lightening bring me peace.

Listen, I joke around a lot.  This is a humor blog primarily but sometimes you have to know when to put jokes aside.  This is one of those times.

I just wrote to some missionary friends of mine that are living in Haiti.  Sent them a message on Facebook at 12:48 AM.  The one gal responded immediately at exactly 1:00 AM.  What in the world is she doing up at 1:00 AM?  What possible reasons could there be for her to still be awake?  Probably for the same reasons as me.  She…

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Have a Good Cry, You’ve Earned It.

I’m a girl. But I don’t typically like to indulge in girly things. However, like a lot of other girls (and probably some men) I enjoy the catharsis of a good cry. Even if nothing is wrong. Sometimes all the little things get smushed up into a nasty emotional tangle and a good cry, unrelated to anything else, can be kind of awesome. It isn’t easy to just force myself to cry. It doesn’t really work that well and I always feel pretty silly about it. But….if I watch or read something worthy of a good cry, I feel entirely justified.  Look at is as emotional purging.  I know this is extremely silly, but I know a lot of people who do this. Here is my cache of tear inducing videos. Just trust me…

I have to say I love this one in particular, because it makes me think I can sing a really awesome power ballad. I can’t. But I can do a power lip-synch that would blow your socks off.


Christian the Lion – need I say more?

And really, what cold-hearted monster could watch Susan Boyle’s audition and not get teary?

Merry Christmas WordPress!  So go ahead, find yourself a private place and have a good cry. You’ve earned it 🙂