Rusty Chains

I cannot sleep. I cannot rest.
My thoughts descend in circles deep.
The melody falls on my brain, until this page with ink I stain.

Each thought is like a spider web
Waiting to snare me if it can.
But I am armed with pen and ink. At least some thoughts I’ll try to link.

At first the chain is cheap and frail,
With weakened links and rusty clasps.
The more I’ll write the more I’ll see, and then my mind will soon break free.

By the end I hope to have
A cable strong yet beautiful,
To climb as I fall back asleep, and dream to heights so very steep.

originally written on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 9:32pm


One thought on “Rusty Chains

  1. Middle-of-the-night journaling is one of my most favorite pleasures. Some interesting and amazing things get exposed, sometimes wounds I was unaware of. Then Jesus shows up and heals them.

    Hmmmm. I love my midnight talks with Him.

    You’ve described the process here with such eloquence and beautiful word pictures. Thank you for sharing this.

    Praise Jesus!

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