I Walk Away.

I opened up myself
More than I should dare
But you forgot to mention
That you really do not care.
I made the cut so deep
It opened to the bone.
I’m writing now in anger.
Do not misread my tone.
You hide behind all others
And let them speak for you.
Your greatest tool’s duplicity
In what you choose to do.
I opened up myself to you
More than I could bear.
If only I had had the sense
To know you do not care.
I’m lacking understanding for
These games you like to play.
But I have reached the end of it.
And now I walk away.

originally written on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 3:28pm


4 thoughts on “I Walk Away.

  1. BlueGem says:

    I like your rhymes 🙂

  2. No U-turns allowed!
    Enjoy the weekend.

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