The roof groans under many rains.
This earth spins on with many pains.
The leaves are falling from their boughs.
My heart groans too. I’ve been laid low.
I lack the words to say much more;
On this blue day I’m feeling poor.
Why is this world so very broken?
With a word You could have spoken
Peace, and restoration now.
So I will hold You to Your vow,
That one day hence we’ll see repair
Of things that still lay broken here.

originally written on 9/7/11


4 thoughts on “Groans

  1. He is faithful. I’ll be glad when this is all a distant memory and we see the “why” of some of the grunge at last, and marvel at how it all worked together to create a grand masterpiece.

  2. K Cutler says:

    amen my friend. I was so sorry to read about your loss. Praying for you and the family right now. Much love

  3. I have no doubt that one all our troubles will be gone. Some things in life can’t last forever. We just learn to find ways to live through them. Enjoyed your poem very much.

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