I’ve so much more love to give,
Than you are willing to accept.
That you would share my feelings blue
Is more than I expect from you.

Since you’ve nested in my head
And feathered it with tender words,
Confusion is my heavy crown.
But I choose not to lay it down.

And what will I say tomorrow?
Change my mind, upon my sorrow?
Or will this be the settled end;
The rags I wear to finally mend?

Do not blame yourself my friend.
I’ll still be there with hands to lend.
These cuts were here before you came,
And when you leave, will be the same.


originally written on 12/16/11


4 thoughts on “Feathered

  1. Wow, love this, powerful message in deceptively simple, clear, perfect stanzas…the last two lines in particular are haunting. The like button isn’t loading so if it doesn’t after I post this comment please take this as a like! 🙂

  2. K Cutler says:

    thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Juned says:

    Last four lines are awesome.. simply magical 🙂

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