Surprising Art

In a town close to where I live, the municipality has placed several life-like statues around the commercial district. My sister and I went on a scavenger hunt to track them all down, which led to me calling it “Sisters’ Day of Fun.” She is not too keen on that title and has threatened to make “scary eyes” at me, which has terrified me since I was a child. It usually resulted in our dad allowing me to sleep in her bed when we were little. Two birds with one stone – she was punished since I’m a cuddler, and I was comforted from my night terrors all in one shot. I love the name “Sister’s Day of Fun,” and I am willing to risk some night terrors if it means I can slightly annoy my sibling.

The art installation is called “Taking it to the Streets” and the artist is Seward Johnson. These are some of my favorites pieces (I apologize for my lack of photographic skill, as I have no idea what I’m doing, when it comes to taking pictures, and was using an Android for the shots):






CAM00694“Weekend Painter”


CAM00711“Holding Out”



CAM00715“Building Better Neighbors”


CAM00727“Holier Than Thou”




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