Single Men Working at Gas Stations Looking for Love

Last week I was delving back into social networking after a hiatus for Lent. On signing into Facebook I was given the suggestion of  “liking” a dating service which seems to cater towards a pretty specific target audience: Single Cowboys Looking for Love. My first thought was “What the crap did I “like” to generate that suggestion?” My second though was “Meh...” The third was “Aww heck, why not?” I didn’t get that far though. I am assuming that I was to be the single women searching for a single cowboy, and that they did not in fact think I was a single cowboy, because that would break my heart. Although on a side note, I was using an on-line dating service several years ago and upon exhausting all of the single men in a 600 mile radius (no joke, I was matched with a man from Pittsburgh) the site matched me with a woman. It was like they were calling it quits for me, “Now Ms. Cutler, we don’t normally do this sort of thing, but have you considered switching teams? There just aren’t any more men!” I kid…not really.

Anyway, I stopped to get gas a couple of nights ago and the gas station attendant was workin’ it pretty hard. I don’t want to give a false impression that I am a man’s lady (is that a saying?) but this happens to me all the time; however, only at gas stations. I guess I’m doing something right; or maybe something wrong? I’ll let you be the judge. No make-up, hair a mess, wearing the bad glasses, still sporting the pajama bottoms? None of that seems to matter.  It’s like stepping into a marriage 15 years in the making, when nobody is trying anymore. The super lazy part of me says, “Hell yeah, I could get behind that.”  Don’t worry…I have not, and most likely never will, go on a date with a complete and random stranger. But it got me thinking about starting my own dating service: Single Men Working at Gas Stations Looking for Love. This is truly an untapped market and most likely a goldmine. A goldmine for what is all that remains to be seen.



3 thoughts on “Single Men Working at Gas Stations Looking for Love

  1. I can do a spin off with you … Mine is Single Men in Grocery Stores! Doesn’t matter what I’m getting. Who I’m with. What I look like. Someone gives me that smoldering eyes or tries to at least. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Haha. I get all the single Dads at the zoo. Really?!?! THAT’s my demographic now?

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