Stranger Politics and the Party of…Contrarianism?

I grew up in a Republican household. Over the past few years I have found myself being more drawn to many things Democratic. But there are still ideologies that move me so strongly, I can’t let them go in good conscience.  Where does that leave me? In a grey schizophrenic world of politics where I am too liberal for Republicans, too conservative for Democrats, and not paranoid enough for the Tea Party (I joke). But really, I feel quite alienated, at least politically speaking.  I am just contrary enough to make everybody mad. I have found no party of my own.

I regularly try to read articles, blogs and message boards even when their viewpoint differs from mine. Granted, this might not be the best way to get my news coverage, but I usually steer clear of mainstream media, simply because I am sooooo sick of the screaming and the rhetoric.  This week took the prize for being the one which infuriated me most, due to the news coverage and responses on many message boards over the verdict in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case. From CNN anchors crying and being visibly shaken over the perpetrators lives being “ruined” to Fox News outing minor victim Jane Doe’s real name on the air, I’m sick to my stomach. I wouldn’t have thought that the rape of a 16-year-old would be used for partisan purposes (and to what end, I still don’t know) but what I’ve seen says otherwise.


The following is my politics in a nutshell; please feel free to disagree with me. And please tell me why! I may be wrong about some of it, hell, even all of it. Wouldn’t be the first time:

I am pro-contraceptive, yet pro-life. I am for the second amendment, but I support tighter gun restrictions and a ban on semi-automatic weapons. I am pro-charity and government support when possible, but I also believe in personal accountability.  I am pro-consistency – If you support industry bailouts, you better not speak against government sponsored social programs. I am anti-greed. I believe in legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, and in all honesty I haven’t heard a good argument for not allowing it for recreational purposes for those of legal age.  I am supportive of green initiatives and against American dependence on foreign resources. I am thankful every day for the sacrifices of our men and women in the armed forces and believe they need every support, benefit, and special consideration when they come home(*). However, I am not so thrilled with the amount of money poured into the military industrial complex, or using “national defense” as a cover to strip another country of her natural resources. I believe in small government. I believe “people should never be afraid of their government; government should be afraid of its people.” I believe that any government big enough to act as Savior of mankind through social programs or big enough to act as Lord in order to make and keep people “holy” is a step away from Fascism no matter which party you choose. I am pro-LISTENING and anti-SHOUTING.

Are mainstream media outlets, blogs and message boards an accurate description of our political climate? Really, I’m asking. If so, I am thoroughly depressed. And how are any of these issues addressed practically? I have no idea; that’s why they pay you guys the big bucks. Maybe it leaves me starting my own political party: the party of Pragmatism…or maybe just the party of Being Contrary?


I even have a logo!


* A friend who serves in the military wrote the following post on Facebook: “For all the service-members that were promised educational benefits when we signed up, please consider signing this petition. For those who don’t know, Tuition Assistance is a big selling point for those considering a military commitment. The military expects, and in most cases requires, degrees for promotion, yet they have just suspended all those funds, leaving the individual financially responsible to foot the entire expense of their education. I am fully supportive of cutting out wasteful spending in order to get the federal financial crisis under control, but when you look at who is making the sacrifices, it isn’t the lawmakers who have failed to do their job and pass a budget. . . no, it’s the guys on the ground who are having their ability to do their job hindered by political squabbling.”

please consider signing the petition here:


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