Spring has come and Day has won
over the darkness and over the cold,
dismissing the drowsy bondage of sleep,
with colors both violent and bold.
warm winds rushing and singing from deep,
marching bravely out from their keep
refusing to be controlled.
in violet and green, azure and gold,
in all of her magical glorious hues,
Spring will not be subdued.


image from


7 thoughts on “Awake

  1. emily says:

    You wrote this?! Would you mind if I reposted it on my blog? I would give notice of the (c) in your name and link to this page. Btw: In the reader a beautiful (purple flower) image comes up. Can you give me (c) info on it if you have it?

    Thanks for the great work, Ems ❀

    • K Cutler says:

      Hi Emily,

      thank you so much! I did indeed write this poem. thank you so much for wanting to share – please feel free πŸ™‚ I found the image on this website but I took it down until I receive permission to use it. I did this backwards I’m afraid :/ thanks always for reading πŸ™‚

    • K Cutler says:

      sorry…here’s a link to the website for the purple flower pic –

      • emily says:

        Thank you! xoxo

      • emily says:

        No, no, no. I believe that you do not need permission to use this image. The site claims that it is in the public domain:

        “All of this media has been found on sites claiming it is public domain. If this content is not public domain, and/or you are the content owner and would like to see it removed – please email us and we will certainly remove the offending material.”

        I would use the picture and link it to that site.


  2. K Cutler says:

    lol awesome – I should hire you to do my research πŸ™‚

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