Thank You

I think you might have taught me something after all…

That first time was an open book.
But you cheated on the test.
Then when you came back,
I said I wasn’t ready yet.
You told me that was cool.
But again you tried so hard
To play me for the fool.

I said I didn’t trust you,
Been down that road before.
You said that it was only friend-
ship you were looking for.

You dropped out again as quick
As you had once come back.
Took some time to realize
I’d been looking at your back.
Reading through old emails,
I can see you make your play.
I’m glad I was oblivious
To all your schemes that day.

I can see you have a wife.
Explains now why you’re gone.
And now I know beyond all doubt
She had been there all along.
So thank you. Really…thank you
For being such a fool
And proving I was in the right
To put no trust in you.


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