Have a Good Cry, You’ve Earned It.

I’m a girl. But I don’t typically like to indulge in girly things. However, like a lot of other girls (and probably some men) I enjoy the catharsis of a good cry. Even if nothing is wrong. Sometimes all the little things get smushed up into a nasty emotional tangle and a good cry, unrelated to anything else, can be kind of awesome. It isn’t easy to just force myself to cry. It doesn’t really work that well and I always feel pretty silly about it. But….if I watch or read something worthy of a good cry, I feel entirely justified.  Look at is as emotional purging.  I know this is extremely silly, but I know a lot of people who do this. Here is my cache of tear inducing videos. Just trust me…

I have to say I love this one in particular, because it makes me think I can sing a really awesome power ballad. I can’t. But I can do a power lip-synch that would blow your socks off.


Christian the Lion – need I say more?

And really, what cold-hearted monster could watch Susan Boyle’s audition and not get teary?

Merry Christmas WordPress!  So go ahead, find yourself a private place and have a good cry. You’ve earned it 🙂


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