I am weary all the time.
So weary that I am tired even in my dreams.
While conversing with my cat,
As he is mid-sentence, I drift off.
Dreaming within the dream.
Waking…doubly confused
And the more tired because of it.
The arms and legs feel heavy always,
As if I carry 10 lb weights with me
Or move through deep deep waters.
When I finally awake
The brain feels sludgy and slow.
Slow to respond. Short on patience.
Everyone is quick to offer advice.
“Less sugar” or “More veg.”
“More prayer” and “More books.”
“Less coffee” and “Less sleep.”
And all my body wants is waters deep.


3 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. trembling me says:

    have you seen waking life…the movie? this poem reminds me of it

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