My Father who is in Heaven,

May your name always be sacred, when spoken from my lips,
And grant me headstrong faith which could launch a thousand ships.
May the fog between our worlds grow fainter every day,
The veil that keeps you hidden at last begin to fray.

Provide the things I need today, and not a little more.
For you alone know my heart’s eagerness to hoard.
This next request is frightening, especially for me.
The forgiveness I grant others, would you measure out for me?
Instead let me rephrase and ask a different way.
Allow me to forgive the same that you do every day?

By the gloom inside my soul, let me not be confounded.
Deliver me from evil, when I am full surrounded.
You own this world we see and the other that is shrouded.
All power you hold in holy hands and see with eyes unclouded.

Alpha to omega; from beginning to the end.
You are God outside of time.
Amen, again amen.

* Paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer – assignment by J. Shannon


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