Stranger Easter Music

I will be honest. I am a Christian but I generally dislike most Christian music, particularly CCM.  But in this season I have come to find some truly spectacular “Christian” music in some very unlikely places.  Most of the artists that draw me in, are not explicitly Christian, but musicians who point to hope, redemption, forgiveness and even resurrection.  Please enjoy and may your hearts be truly blessed this Easter season!

The Avett Brothers                                           

Page Cxvi                                                                  
You Have Redeemed My Soul

Patty Griffin (ft Emmy Lou Harris)

Red Mountain Church                                   
Jesus, Lover of My Soul

It is Finished

My Raptured Soul
There is a Land of Pure Delight

Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch           
I’ll Fly Away

Alison Krauss                                                       
Down to the River to Pray

Tom Waits                                                              
Lord I’ve Been Changed

Take Care of All of My Children
Come On Up to the House
Jesus Gonna Be Here

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds                  
Oh Children

There She Goes, My Beautiful World
Carry Me

Mumford and Sons                                        
Awake My Soul

Roll Away Your Stone
After the Storm

Leonard Cohen                                               
If It Be Your Will

Heart With No Companion

Social Distortion                                            
When the Angels Sing

King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan
the entire album

*although some her theology might seem slightly unorthodox, she is an amazing musician. From – “This record is guaranteed to be huge on various levels. Morgan fires up traditional hymns with hot chant and spoken reverie, accompanied only by her changing tambourine. This is divine minimalism, a meaty hallelujah in which you can clearly hear the Delta-church origins of Jamaica Rasta-DJ culture and early Bronx hip-hop. 15 total tracks. Ryko. 2005.”  Original songs remixed by DJ King Britt


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