A bite that is worse than its bark.
Festers and simmers rather than talks.
Bottled up neatly inside;
Not letting the smallest slight slide.
Tucked away under the covers.
Matter of time til it boils over.

Fangs will stay hidden for only so long.
Poisonous words drip from forked tongue
Rabid rage and claws you will feel.
The venom will seep, resistant to heal.
Lord, knock out my teeth and chop off the tail
Of this rattlesnake heart. Make me brand new.


5 thoughts on “Bite

  1. jymiely says:

    yeah i liked that line:Poisonous words drip from forked tongue… like even looking at it will give you its venom..

  2. Fairlie says:

    You can’t imagine how important this is for me to read right this second.
    Actually, yesterday would have been better, but I just prnted out a whole bunch of copies to stick in my bra! Scary visual! Thank you, Fluggernut!

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