All That Was

Run away. Lets run away. Oh run away with me.
To a place of swirling streams
where fish leap up to whisper dreams,
and fawns stray wading in the brook.
Bring with you your favorite book.
Run with me up mountain top
and read to me whence we stop
to catch our breath and have some rest.
Lay your head upon my breast
and intertwine your hands in mine.
Let’s try to hold off time.
I’ll make for you a crown of leaves
from laurels found among the trees.
You’ll weave for me a flower crown
to place in hair that’s been let down.
We’ll stand aloft on highest ridge,
looking down on town and bridge
And see how far we have come.
And still how far away is home.
We’ll slowly make our way back down,
diadems left on the ground.
We don’t deserve to wear them yet;
but they will keep, so please don’t fret.
I will remember where they’re laid,
for we’ll be back another day
To don our laurels and our buds,
remembering all that was.


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