I would rather

I have realized that I am a trash talker.  And in my efforts to curb said trash talking, I have grown increasingly silent.

I would much rather talk about someone else’s problems than focus on my own.
I would rather nitpick than address the real issue.
I would rather crack a joke than be serious about a serious topic.
I would rather play at earning fake money, doing fake work, on a fake farm, than look for a real job.
I would rather look for the speck in another’s eye than remove the beam from my own.
I would rather deflect.  I would rather take a nap.  I would rather go to a tropical location.  I would rather dream.  I would rather…procrastinate over a million other things.

That being said, I have little else to add.  Only this: it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get it done.

Stay tuned world.



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