I am finally hungry.  After months of no appetite, nausea, unwelcome weight-loss, and anxiety, I am finally hungry again.  And not just for food, although that’s a big plus.

(This is me right now)

I am hungry for words, and music, and books, and friends.  My New Years resolution is somewhat belated this year.  But after some reflection it is time.  It is my goal to cut unnecessary drama and foolishness out of my life and hopefully out of my conversation.  It is my goal to foster the healthy relationships in my life, and to root out and allow to be pruned, the ones which only bear thorns.

Some might think I am wrong.  Indeed I have been told I am.  I have been told I am a coward, a punk, a quitter and a chicken.  That I am giving into a sinful desire.  I feel it’s the opposite.  It’s time to grow, not time to be sucked into someone else’s mud.  I cannot force anyone else to change.  To do so would resort to manipulation and frustration.  Sometimes seeking peace is actively choosing to not be drawn into the fray.  It is time to allow God to change me.  And I look forward to what that will be.

Romans 12:18
If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.


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