Bitter feelings sneaking in,
Creeping in around my door,
Like the stubborn, frigid draft
That settles now upon my floor.

Arrogance, pride, control is your game.
Self satisfied smugness bears the same name
As you my “dear” friend, for so many years.
I think I am finally done with the tears

That you’ve caused me to shed
From your manipulation,
From all your snide digs,
And your cold calculations.

You are a fake of the cleverest kind,
Using the Law to beat up the mind.
You want the Gospel, when it suits your needs.
You do hurtful things, cause others to bleed.

Love one another is what he commands.
How do I love you with wide open hands
When I don’t even like you right now?
Just hearing your name furrows my brow.

If I walk away, does that make me a punk?
Just being away has lifted my funk.
Does loving you mean being your friend?
Only time might reveal if this fracture can mend.


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