It’s Coming Up Roses

I had my first day back at clinicals today and I had almost forgotten how much I love it.  And why I’ve worked so hard.  And why I’m willing to see and do such “disgusting” things.  Because I love the people I get to meet.

I had a 92-year-old patient today.  She came in for bi-lateral foot x-rays and to put it mildly, she was a hot mess.  She was in good shape, I imagine, for 92 years old; but she is suffering the ravages of old age and a long life.  Her entire calf was bruised just from wearing compression socks, her feet were nearly crippled from arthritis, and she may lose parts or all of her foot, but she barely complained.  Most of what she complained about, was not her physical state, but how much her world has changed since she was born on January 1st 1920.  She was more upset by the amount of people who can’t seem to walk around without a cell phone glued to the side of their face, then the fact that she can’t walk.  “They all walk around, with those stupid machines, trying to be more snazzy than everyone else.”  Yep…snazzy.  I admit, I cringed when she said that.

But most of what she said was encouraging.  She told me that she had been married for 70 years. SEVENTY years.  That’s more than twice as long as I’ve been alive.  And her only words of advice were “If you find love, hold on to it. Cause that’s all you have.”  I might not have “love” in the typical sense, but I am learning to find it in unusual places.  To pick it up, treasure it, and pocket some for later.

Thank you Rose for making my day and reminding me of what’s important.


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