Can I take a minute to vent and say how much I absolutely hate the expression “Bros before hoes”?  And that if I hear it said just one more time, I may actually knock someone’s head off?

Yeah, male friendships are cool.  They offer something that platonic friendships with the opposite sex and/or romantic relationships can’t.  They offer camaraderie.  But they are not better than romantic relationships.  Nor are they better than friendships with women.  And they are certainly not better than friendships that women have with each other.  We’re not in fifth grade; it isn’t a competition.  Can we stop pretending it’s boys vs girls?

And why all the bromantic lingo?  Bro, brah, broseph, and “the Bromittee”  (insert exaggerated eye rolling here).  I could offer up a series of alternate catch phrases for female friendship as told by Amy Poehler: “Sisters before misters.”  “Ovaries before brovaries.”  “Uteruses before duderuses.”  But what would be the point, other than a good giggle?  Are we supposed to be looking for balance, harmony and unity?  Your friendships with other dudes should not be elevated to the point of idolatry; or employ snarky slogans that cut your “sisters” down to the status of “hoe” just so you can experience male bonding.

On a side note…if the only way you’re comfortable with me is to keep me on a shelf, don’t bother.  Cause I’ll just jump down and go on my way.  I might break my leg in the process, but I would rather walk with a limp than stay in your little glass display case.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “Bromance….blechhh.

  1. theWomanAtTheWell says:

    excellent post my sister b4 mister…or should I say Utersus b4 are so wonderful in your style, I am excited to see you comin off the shelf! Keep us guessin! Many blessings to you.-watw

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