Dream big, wish big and pray bigger.

Thanksgiving came a little late for me this year.  I had the usual Thanksgiving (as usual as can be, with sushi and saki), but to my shame, I wasn’t particularly thankful on the actual day.  Better late than never.  I am a radiology student and I had to take a lil’ break due to my own health issues.  I began to spiral.  Into that downward hole of self-pity, self-indulgence and self loathing.  And I was mad at the world.  And I was mad at God.

When I first got into the program, I could see evidence of God’s handiwork in paving every step of my way.  When I had to step away for a while, I stopped seeing His providence and provision.  I had my exams for re-entrance into the program this week.  And God yet again showed that His mercy and timing are always present and perfect, even (or especially) when we can’t see it.  When I say I passed the test, I mean I just passed the test.  Like to the point  that my professor could have gone either way.  And she gave me the green light; and with it, reignited my hope and passion for the work.

I have not been thankful for months.  But I am thankful tonight.  I have been prayed for, prayed over, and prayed with.  I have been encouraged, hugged, cried with, and I am sure cried for.  I have seen how much I am loved.  I have been shown that when there is no hope, God is still working.  And I am thankful.  As I was reminded by my sister A last week, when you don’t know what to do…just do what’s next.  Do the next thing on the list.  And then do the next thing after that.  And God will be waiting on the shore with breakfast prepared after the storm.

So thank you to all who have been reading my words these past months; for all of the comments, “likes”, encouragements and hugs.  Thank you for reading, hoping, and walking with me.  I am so excited about the future, and about this upcoming year.  Dream big, wish big and pray bigger.  Keep calm and carry on, for God answers prayer.



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