Statements of Doubt and Faith

Until I can love someone else, more than I hate him…I will never feel safe.
Until I can remember his face…I can never forgive.
Until I can see him for the self obsessed, opportunistic asshole that he is…I will always be a little girl.
Until I can see that I carry no blame…I will always feel guilt.

When I realize that I would kill him, if I knew who he was, I will understand why God has kept me in the dark.
When I learn that healing takes time and patience…I might not feel such rage.
When I remember that he does not own my body or my mind, and never did, I will be free.
When I finally see all things as they truly are, and were, I will fall down and weep at the redemption of these things.

“One day we’ll fall down and weep, and we’ll understand it all, all things.” Terrance Malick


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