So.  Gossip.  Feels good in the moment to vent, seek advice, just get it off your chest…etc etc etc.  But gossip is so much more than that.  It’s an attempt not only to control our circumstances, but to control the way one person views another. It may be a feeble attempt at controlling our circumstances, but it is an incredibly effective tool in shaping how someone else is seen by others.

So person #1 talks to me about #2.  #2 talks to me about #1. I talk to both #1 and #2 about #3.  I talk to #3 about #1 and #2. And even still, I talk to #4 about all of it.  Then there are the satellites 5,6,7,8,9 who know everything that’s going on either through gossip, or their own perception, and feel the need to take sides.  And what we have is a shitstorm that no one wants to be a part of, but everyone (myself included) keeps jumping into head first.  It is a tangled, messy spider web of hearsay and it isn’t getting better. And what’s the common denominator?  I am talking too much.  Yes, it’s true.  So here is what I’ve landed on:

1. Talking to anyone else about the situation, unless they are part of the problem or part of the solution, is gossip.

2. Talking about it, if it does not directly involve me, is gossip.

3. Ultimatums are not effective. If I say something, I had better be willing to back it up.

4. Until we get on our knees and start talking to God more than we’re talking to each other, it will only get messier.

5. I need to have faith that God actually cares enough to listen, change hearts (again, mine included), heal wounds, and set the broken bones.

6. I need to stop talking.

7. I am committed that even if I have to call out to God by myself every night…I will do it; I will not let discord win without a fight.

Be warned discord.  I’m sick of your games.  And I’ve got you in my sights.

Proverbs 6:16-19

here are six things the Lord hates—
no, seven things he detests:
haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that kill the innocent,
a heart that plots evil,
feet that race to do wrong,
a false witness who pours out lies,
a person who sows discord in a family.


3 thoughts on “Discord

  1. amy saavedra says:

    just went over this with karen last night and holy moly im glad you wrote this. she really challenged me to stop the gossip and boy oh boy did i realize how much i like to control my circumstances with it. i felt this stupid sense of being out of control at the thought of keeping my mouth shut. isnt that so sick?! it is. lets help eachother …seriously. if i started blabbing, give me a look. if you start blabbing, ill give you one. i wont get offended. i promise. i need someone to call me on my shit. seriously.
    ok love you oh, and i miss you!!!

  2. BlueGem says:

    Very sound advice my dear!!! We have been warned… Thanks so much for sharing. Each point hit home very hard.

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