Blue Song

I’d like to be a blessing
But seem to keep on messing
Up, every time you blow my way.
And still you’re asking me to stay.

I want to be a friend to you,
Loyal, faithful, good and true.
I want to give you what you need,
But we’re at different speeds.

So I will take a little break
And try to get my head on straight.
I will be back before too long.
To walk away feels wrong.

I’d like to be e’en more to you.
You’ve said you don’t know what to do
With me. Affection you can’t accept.
I don’t know how to do this yet.

Grant me patience. Give me time.
I will figure out this rhyme.
I will be back before too long.
To run away feels wrong.

I will pack these things away,
To examine them another day.
I’ll be your friend, albeit blue,
Faithful, loyal, sad….but true.


2 thoughts on “Blue Song

  1. S Jayanth says:

    how much pain u hav göne through writing this. I KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL. I trul y do. Because what you sung was and is a melancholy i sing everyday too. I am proud of you. The person would seek you definitely:) just that it may even take ages.but never lower your love.for come he shall.i loved this.

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