[doo-plis-i-tee, dyoo-]

noun, plural du·plic·i·ties for 2, 3.
1.deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; double-dealing. Synonyms: deceit, deception, dissimulation, fraud, guile, hypocrisy, trickery. Antonyms: candidness, directness, honesty, straightforwardness.
2.an act or instance of such deceitfulness.
3.Law . the act or fact of including two or more offenses in one count, or charge, as part of an indictment, thus violating the requirement that each count contain only a single offense.
4.the state or quality of having two elements or parts; being twofold or double.
Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  You will only wear yourself out and wind up getting burned by the lies you tell, even with the best of intentions.  The smallest lie casts doubt on anything you do and causes me to distrust anything you might say in the future.  A simple lie in a garden is what caused our world to fall.  Don’t be a part of that destruction.

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