Love is Abiding

Love is the only thing abiding
E’en though it may be hiding.
Look to mountains and to trees,
And flowers singing to the bees;
The rushing mountain water fall,
And to the sky above us all;
Cosmos dancing, set in motion:
Wild steps of their devotion
To the one who placed them near
Allowing us their songs to hear.
Look around you lonely ones.
Joy is free to those to come
To seek it with an open heart.
Love will not depart.


2 thoughts on “Love is Abiding

  1. S Jayanth says:

    oh my,!! these 10-12 lines were a fantastic ride for me. :O i just love it!!!! 🙂 and i love it more..!! no words other than that.. i read it quickly, in a tone and tempo i usually do for short poems, and this touched my heart.deep inside. lovely..!! keep up the good work,,. 🙂

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