Princess Porcupine

There was a pretty princess
Once upon a time,
Who through a very nasty curse
Was turned into a porcupine.

The shrew who cast the spell
Lies and whispers hissed,
And told the princess, to be free,
All she needed was one kiss.

She wandered hills and valleys,
Towns and cities too,
Looking for a prince who had
Courageous heart, bold and true.

If he could brave her needles
And her stinging barbs,
To grant one kiss upon her lips,
She was sure that she’d be free.

Our princess searched for many years
But all to no avail;
For anyone who came too close,
Was sharply stung and turned to wail.

One day she passed a river
And leaning for a drink
She fell headfirst into the pool
And then began to sink.

But in that holy river,
Something strange occurred.
Her form began to slowly change.
That witch had lied about her curse.

Emerging from the water
On legs that she’d long missed
She looked at her new self in awe,
And saw it could not be the kiss.

It was the healing river, which
Restored her once again;
But now with some improvements,
That she had never planned.

Her quills had disappeared
Only to be replaced
With glorious wings of golden hue
To carry her from that dark place.

She shook her feathers dry,
And tested out her wings,
To circle high above the clouds.
And with the sun she now does sing.


One thought on “Princess Porcupine

  1. BlueGem says:

    A very profound message embedded deep within this very creative piece. I love it!

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