Elephant in the Corner

Bitter tears splash my face.
I hate to sit inside this space.
You let me share my secrets dark
And now I face regret that’s stark,
Compared to what I thought I knew.
You shared a version that’s not you.
How could this happen? How could I
Not the see the truth through the lie,
That I could trust you as a friend,
When all that time you hid a fiend?
I am not allowed to say or tell
The things I really think or feel
Because the truth you cannot take
And act as if you’re on the brink,
And one small push will tip you over.
Now I have to call you brother?
I’ve been disloyal to myself
And placed my past upon a shelf
Hoping that it was not true:
That you’re not really you.


3 thoughts on “Elephant in the Corner

  1. wastelandexplorer says:

    Beautifully written.

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