Second Family

To my second family: Everyday I love you more.

Number 5, I love that you’re a kid who does silly things, liking peeing in a plastic cup, just because you can.  I love that you dress up in your sisters fairy costume then run commando up the stairs.  I love that you tell me I’m your girlfriend and you’ll fight any boy who treats me bad.

Number 4, I love that you wear a pink princess dress yet still pull worms apart in the garden.  And that you’re kind enough to offer me a scoop of penaut butter from the jar…straight to your hand.  I love that you are the girliest of girls and still a tomboy at heart.  And your giggle I love the most.

Number 3, I love your perception.  You are only ten but you see the world through grown-up eyes.  I love your compassion, empathy, and willingness to always be the first responder to any emotional crisis with your siblings.  You push my buttons more than any of the others but it’s because you are the most like I was as a child.  I love your heart.

Number 2, I love your bravery.  I love watching you grow from a boy to a man.  I love seeing the way you take care of your sisters. I even like your moody silences because they show that you are thinking and feeling.  I love your courage and steadfastness.  And I could not live without your dry little sense of humor.

Number 1,  I love you.  I met you when you were still a kid, but now you are becoming a woman.  I love your attitude of service and your constant willingness to please.  I love your gentleness with your youngers and your care for them.  I love your sincerity, your youth, your sweetness and your innocence.

If God never grants me children of my own, I will love you the same and will forever be thankful that I was allowed to know you.  Be brave, stay strong, and keep your innocence.  And do not be afraid of that which is to come.  For you can face anything. As long as you face it together.


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