Lost Boys

There is a place for all lost boys
Who only want to play.
They fall asleep up in the trees
Surrounded by the changing leaves.
Their hair is ruffled by the breeze
And I admit I’d like to stay.

I took that star to my right
And went on straight til morning.
I got to them the normal way.
We played with mermaids all that day;
Found tiger lilies on our way.
I really want to stay.

We sit and feast upon a meal
Of imaginary food.
Peter’s there and so is Tink.
I am Wendy to this brood.
But I must go back to my home,
E’en though we’ve played awhile.
Since growing up for these lost boys
Is terribly out of style.
I tuck them into bed at night,
In my mind, with prayers.
That they would safe from pirates be,
And dream of peace there in the trees,
Kept company by just the breeze.
And I wish I would have stayed.

based on the novel Peter Pan by JM Barrie


3 thoughts on “Lost Boys

  1. shiningcityonthehill says:

    a haunting epitaph for childhood dreams . very good

  2. wastelandexplorer says:

    I love the poem. I remember the movie. I watched it like 10 times.

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