If You Could

If you had the chance to
Look ahead into your life
Would you take it?

Would you falter at the burning
Heat of conflict and of strife?
Or would you fake it?

Would you wade the icy waters
Of loneliness and exile?
Or would you shrink away?

Could you brave fierce winds of trial?
Or let the time be whiled;
Saved for another day?

Could you hold your self in love
Knowing when it might end
Or would you hoard it?

I fear that if I knew
What waits around the bend,
Even if it’s blessings
Until the very end,
I would make an idol of
Even these good things,
And turn them into something
They were never meant to be.


3 thoughts on “If You Could

  1. well this is a different thought on life and reality i enjoyed this one and it made me think of things i see which then happen in life through my dreams often then i have to face the reality when i see it before me. good poem keep up writing very interesting poems it was a pleasure to read.

  2. Marvelous piece !
    good job !

    I just published another poem. Hope you like it. 🙂

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