Random Introductions

Some might not appreciate the humor in this story, but as a single gal trying to navigate the mine field that is dating or even meeting others of the opposite sex, I found it hilarious.  A couple of days ago I was running late for a party, still had to stop and get gas, as well as run into Shop Rite to pick something up.  I had left the house without any makeup on. Oh horror.  So forced into multitasking, I was putting on my make up in the car while the tank was being filled.  The gas station attendant was a smallish, middle aged, middle eastern man. When I pulled up, he seemed really excited. “Baby!! It’s been so long! I’ve missed you!”

Yikes – not me since I have not been to this gas station in about 3 years.  I tried to keep the window rolled up as much as possible without being rude.  This did not dissuade him. Then he took macking it to a whole new level.

“Make up?! What?! NO NO NO! You don need makeups. You beautiful.”  I thanked him politely.  “You have boyfriend??”

Significant pause…”Yes?”  (I believe lying may be acceptable under these circumstances)


“Nope, not yet.”

“You be 20…21?”    (Now, I know that’s not true)

“Baby, you don need makeups or boyfriend…you need dancing!”   (hahahahahaha!)  “Look in the mirror…beautiful! BYE!!!!!”  he shouted as I drove away.

As weird as this encounter was, was it wrong that it made me a little happy?  I contest it was not.  Although I was reminded that I may owe him a dance now…damn it.


2 thoughts on “Random Introductions

  1. I love moments like that. Take it where you can get it, I say!

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