the Call of Sleep

Oh Little child let your mother rest.  

Take my hand and follow me
To a place that drips in sleep.
You’ll tiptoe in the land of sheep
And skip inside of dreams so deep.
Be comforted and come with me
To the bank beyond the sea,
Where rabbits run and willows weep.

Hear my song and you can doze
And in that half-light find repose.
Let your heavy eyelids close,
For she’s weary to the bone.
Down that sleepy spiral tumble
And still play while you slumber.

Little one come with me,
And heed the call of Sleep.

For Jenny and Ellie


4 thoughts on “the Call of Sleep

  1. wastelandexplorer says:

    Hey I like how this paints a picture. Wonderful.

  2. Neeks says:

    This was fantastic, love the steady pace and the sleepy dreamy way it made me feel. Thanks!

  3. zumpoems says:

    Very nice us of rhymes.

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