You took upon yourself that day
To change my life in every way.
Did you know what you had done?
Did you care that you had spun
A brand new fabric of my life
That would be sewn of daily strife?
That it would take me years to see
Burdens with which you gifted me?
I know not who I should address
And ask for justice and redress.
Lost things that cannot be replaced.
And as I look upon her face
Changed by anger, grief, and tears,
I am no longer bound by fears.
Weariness is all I see.
I long for days when I’ll be free
To look upon that little child;
Never was she meek and mild.
That I can mother, sister, friend,
Be these for her, around the bend.
That I will take care of her now
Even though I am her still.
I’m casting off that cloak you wove
Weighed down with guilt that almost drove
Me to the edge. I cast it off.
You are nothing more to me.
I owe you thanks for what you’ve done.
You have lost. And I have won.

Victim – I don’t have to be.
You’ve made a warrior out of me.

originally written on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 3:47am


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