Rippled Affection

Melancholy hits me like a rock tossed in a shallow pool.
The surface barely sees a change
But sadness ripples to the edge.

And so this sadness starts off small with hardly change perceptible
But deep inside the ripples play
And color my day bruised and gray.

So my affection for you seems silly now in hard daylight.
I don’t have the reason or the rhyme,
But now I’m asking for the time.

Now I ask you for the time to put you back in your right place.
To sweep my heart of months of dreams
And pack away my girlish schemes.

You insulate your heart with ice.  It leaves me little (or no) choice.
To save me from yourself you claim;
But I’m giving up the game.

originally written on Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 1:35am


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