It’s against all reason.  It’s against all sense.
Everyone says no.
But my soul still says yes.

You yourself say no, that you will break my heart;
That spontaneous combustion
Will blow us both apart.

I sit up late at night and pen these stupid words
And I cannot let go of you.
My thoughts are all a blur.

You asked me for a reason, why I would be with you.
I do not have an answer.
I do not know the truth

Of why I’m fascinated by what you say and do.
All I can say is that I want
To take this walk with you.

I’m brave enough to face the fear that latent lies.
I’m not afraid of who you are,
Of that which may surprise.

Summon all your courage, and to my wishes bend.
We can take a little stroll
And see where it might end.

originally written on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 1:40am


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