I remember you from long ago.
At five years old, was filled with tears.
But you are still here in my mind;
Memories frayed by many years.
I remember great big super hugs
And rubberbandy casserole.
Giggles made at all your jokes
And knew you loved us one and all.
A big toy box you always saved
Just for when we came to see
You after long and freezing months.
I knew you’d saved them just for me.
Headbands made into sunglasses.
Easter eggs and stuffed toy chicks.
Baby dolls with fancy dresses.
And Karate Kid, the latest flick.
You’d made sock monkeys all by hand.
Danced with me to Grandpa’s band.
I had a dream about you once.
You met me up upon a hill.
The words you said have since been lost,
But leave me with a sweetness still.
Do you ever look at me?
Are you proud of what you’d find?
Do you ever steal a glimpse
From the golden sun you hide behind?
I remember you from long ago.
I have become a woman since.
I know I’ll meet you once again.
But will you remember me?

originally written on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 1:58am


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