Where have you gone my sister, my friend,
And left me alone on my own to mend
My broken fences and tear-stained face?
You travel the world and set the pace
Of new-found cheer and sights so grand
Of Parisian cafes and exotic sands.
I envy your joy with no bitterness found
But run with you as you touch new grounds
That I have only seen in dreams
And dreary in comparison seem.
No one deserves these adventures abroad
More than you. For you’ve seen the fog
Of darkened nights; Faced scorching days;
Fought trials I know I could not face.
So begins a new chapter for you
Starting each day with the morning dew
Which carries you safely into the eve
That brings you one step closer to me.
On wings of freedom I know you’ll be borne
But don’t forget to fly back home.

originally written on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 1:15am


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