Come Back

I am a sheep who’s gone astray
Looking for somewhere else to play.
And now I’ve lost, I’ve lost my way.
How to get back to you?
My stubbornness says I am right
As I stumble through this night
And shut my eyes to the tiny light
That leads me back to you.
I’ve seen these brambles and these paths
After slamming doors in all my wrath
And trekked out in these woods alone.
I want to come back home.
This trek is quite well-known to me
I’ve done this not just once, but three.
Maybe even more you see
For I forget to count.
But I can still make out your lamp
Glowing as I make my camp
To lie among these leaves so damp.
I will come back to you.

originally written on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 12:02am


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